Playing games as a fundamental

“Games are not a break or entertainment, they are a fundamental part of a child learning process” Fred Rogers


Games for every need

Golf is a fantastic sport for many reasons: the environment, the ability to play as a family, no age limit, etc. It is a very technical, single and slow sport and these aspects do not help children to feel attracted at the very first moment.

If children only have fun but do not improve, eventually they get bored and lose interest in the sport. For us, games adapted to their capacities are the means to an end, which is to learn, develop and have fun.


Constant help and monitoring

We want to help you so that your children can learn to play golf in a safe, fun and efficient way.
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He always loves to fly and see new places but when it's cold he prefer to stay inside the golf bag. He also likes to caddy for his friends


She loves the long game. She could spend hours hitting drivers to see the ball fly, very, very far.


He enjoys putting very much. You will always find him on the putting green playing different games.


His weakness is to approach to the green. He loves to practice all kinds of ball effects and his favorite club is the 7-iron

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