How may we help you?

That is the first question to our students.

It is essential to understand their needs and goals to design the best possible program for them to reach their expectations.

Holistic Method

It is a system that includes all aspects that can influence student performance.

Technique, physical preparation, course management, healthy lifestyle, mental aspect (of the game) and fitting materials are of vital importance.

In JRGC, we offer the most advanced technology and professionals in each area, to be efficient in the evaluation and design of the individualized programs.

“We like to evaluate, not to asume”

Individual solutions

We offer programs and solutions

Instead of golf lessons, we prefer to offer programs which bring real solutions to achieve the goals of our students.


Our training is based on real situations

Learning and development of athletic performance take place through similar situations like competing and playing on the course.

Through a system of protocols and different game levels we get to easily transferred what they learned in training as tactical and psychological factors are integrated into the activities.

Comunication and monitoring

Constant communication to test and maximize performance

After practice, we guide students through a constant communication to analyze and evaluate their performance.

Based on availability of time and progress, we offer a game system to train efficiently.

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